Gandhavalla Informatics (P) LtdGandhavalla Informatics (P) Ltd

Strategic Consulting Service

We help customers to create new strategy which saves costs, improves efficiency, and supports business growth. Define a startegic roadmap to help the customers focus and enable them to get the best business value by various analytical solutions:

  • Keep a simple design and help the business recuperate the operational business.
  • Better way to store the data with the help of data management.
  • Helping the Customers utilize the data with the help of reports to analyse the data in different dimensions.
  • Faster way to access the reports by using various mobile services and access data through portable devices.
  • Use of Preditive analytics to better plan the future road maps.
  • Use different planning applications to help optimise short-term and long-term goals.
  • Integegrate various sources of data to provide better analytics in SAP.

Post-Implementation Service

We propose a reasonable way to help the business continuity and offer them a sustainable service.

  • Supporting the solution and help in fixing the challenges faced by the business.
  • Improve the current existing solution to better assist.
  • Offer the help of enhancement Services to the business growing needs.