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Windchill Customization

Stabilizing OOTB solutions to match clients requirements have been the ultimate challenging aspect of any IT implementation. Working as accomplice at client’s office, needs dedicating expert resources affront in the critical development phases, utilizing cost effective team onsite/offsite, and with expertise in other enterprise systems, Gain has mastered the technique to meet complex requirements and deliver working systems on time every time.

Gain customization services act as point of reference and fill any loopholes that might exist between the OOTB (out of the box) PLM capabilities and business process requirements. The Gain team possesses ultimate awesome programming capabilities, the programming interface tool is used efficiently Gain has delivered several Customized PLM solutions to our clients resulting in minimized in design lead time.

Windchill Data Migration

Migrating data from a Source PDM system to the target system needs appropriate knowledge of both data and practically functional mapping. Gain has explored Services such as migrating from Pro/INTRALINK, Pro/PDM, and Clients own PDM systems to Windchill solutions, for very large data from multiple installations.

Gain has a established track record in data migration from legacy to new PDM systems. GAIN functions effectively with clients to recognize, prefer prearranging data to avoid faulty data to migrate into the new PDM system with one unique primary attention on zero risk on business while migrating data to new System by assuring high security and integrity with use of high techniques.

We implement a brilliant approach to the migration of the PDM data in the frame of applications and processes by assisting the client in planning, assessment and suggesting right migration approach.

  • Clearing of unused information, and optimization of memory through migration of right product data using appropriate migration model.
  • Noticeable change of reduction in implementation time
  • Lesser implementation cost.
  • Executed and established methodology backed by tools for migration, validation and templates
  • Necessary execution environment, with a group of people consistently to embellish the migration utilities, and adapter with modern versions of all major PLM platforms
  • Source data assessment and target system study, including applications and their data model
  • Identification of data cleansing requirements, to ensure cleanliness, completeness and compatibility
  • Help customer in making critical determination of the right data, with real value
  • Specification & implementation of solution components
  • Test and production, migration, execution and testing